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Ambassador or Athlete

Are you a content creating powerhouse with a substantial following? Do you love the brands distributed by Solis across our 4 core pillars of Winter, Bike, Outdoor and Technology?

If so please fill out the form below to be considered for the Solis Ambassador and Athlete Program.


A selection of our brands

The Process

Submit the initial application form below. If this application is approved, you will be awarded either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 sponsorship arrangement.

Tier 1:

Tier 1 athletes & ambassadors are entitled to wholesale pricing across the range of products on an ongoing basis. At this level you can re-apply for tier 2 sponsorship after 12 months.

Tier 2:

Tier 2 athletes & ambassadors will be awarded a budget allocation for the following 12 months based on the calendar you submit. This may cover such expenses as equipment, event entries and travel costs. At the end of each 12 month period, a performance review is conducted to determine the eligibility to continue at a Tier 2 level for the following 12 months. If an athlete or ambassador requires product over and above the budgeted allocation, this can be purchased at wholesale pricing.

What are we looking for?

1. Consistent content creation

Solis is looking for well rounded ambassadors that create consistent, year-round content featuring our products to help increase awareness of the brands we carry. We are also on the lookout for specialist athletes that excel in particular disciplines.

2. Some for you, some for us

We look for people who can produce content not just for their own channels but also content to be used on the global channels of the brands we represent. The advantage here for you is being featured on the global pages of the brands we represent (many of which have an enormous following) which will funnel new followers your way.

There are many ways to contribute content but to list just a few examples:

  • Submitting photos and articles from recent missions/trips

  • Live streaming

  • Writing and filming product reviews

  • Attending and documenting events

  • Using our hashtags

  • Publishing stories

  • Etc

To achieve a Tier 2 sponsorship you will need to meet 3 key criteria.

  1. Already have a substantial & engaged online social media following.

  2. Have a well planned calendar outlining not just the events/activities you will undertake but the expected content you will generate as a result.

  3. Be able to demonstrate previous examples of consistent content publishing.

Please fill out the initial application form

Name *
Please list below the URLs to all your relevant social accounts.
Please provide a rough outline of your calendar for the next 6-12 months. This could include attending events, planned trips etc. You should also give a brief overview of how you intent to produce content during these periods.
Please list any sponsorships you have received in the past and where possible, provide links to the content you produced in conjunction with these brands: